Landscaping is all about creating a outdoor space which should be both beautiful and functional.

What does it involve?

if you want to create the perfect landscape for your project, it is important to research and plan first so you get exactly what you want.

Questions you should ask.

  1. What function do you want the landscaped space to have?
  2. What is your budget?
  3. What landscape surface do you want? – Grass, patio, bark mulch, tarmac, concrete etc.
  4. What added features if any you want? – Playground, water fountain, fences, seating etc.
  5. What plants and flowers you want if any for the landscape.
  6. What safety measures have you in place to ensure no accidents.
  7. How will you maintain the landscape?

Remember who its for

Know the user: When planning your space , lay out the map for walkways and play areas so they can become features which generate positive feedback from the client or public. If you don’t design the area correctly for your target user, the landscape will not benefit the people it was designed for.

Need more information ?

If you want to plan, design or construct your landscape in Cork or Munster, contact our Landscape designers today for more information  on 026 48130.

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