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When constructing a new playground, choosing the type of surface to install is an issue that must be considered at the planning stage of a new construction.

playground with wetpour rubber surface

Two things to consider will be children’s safety and the appearance of the surface depending on its application.

Below are a few options of surfaces that can be installed in playgrounds with safety in mind to minimise the potential risk of injury to children.

Suitable surfaces for playgrounds include

Rubber wetpour

rubber wetpour surface

Rubber wetpour surfaces are one of the most popular forms of surfaces for children’s playground constructions. The surface type is extremely durable and is designed for safety. Rubber wetpour is available in several different colours and it attractive to look at. A benefit of this type of surface is that it is easy to install in existing playgrounds.

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Soft rubber mulch

soft mulch surfaces

Soft rubber mulch is a recycled bonded rubber mulch that is designed for use in playgrounds and can be laid over existing surfaces and around installed playground equipment. Like rubber wetpour, rubber mulch is available in a wide range of colours. The material is also a cost effective solution for installation in new constructions.

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Rubber tiles


As a similar material to rubber wetpour, rubber tiles offer minimal risk to the safety for children in play areas. The pre-moulded tile can be easily installed and come in various different colours to create playground surface designs.

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Safety Grass

safety grass playground surface

Safety grass is a grass mat for paths and play surfaces. It is a safety surface that can absorb shocks and minimises risks associated with common play areas.

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Resin bound stone

resin bound stone surfaces Ireland

Coloured resin bound stone can be used for driveways and paths to and from playgrounds. Resin bound stone is a hard wearing compound with non-slip characteristics making it a popular type of surface for public locations. The compound is also available in a variety of different colours to provide a unique aesthetic appearance.

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The available children’s playground safety surfaces are all durable in nature and can be easily maintained.

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