We recently fulfilled a lifetime dream. Walking out to the mighty roars of Thomond park……


…hmmm, Okay maybe 

we were not there to play rugby and the roars were of our machines, but was great to get a chance to be a part of this great stadium during a recent project.

Thomond Park Stadium were looking for a rubber matted surface solution for the team dugouts at the stadium and they awarded Browne Brothers Site Services with this special job.

Dug out

The Logo and writing was created on site by our graphics team and great care was put in to placing the matting where it would be proudly displayed for the 25,000 rubgy fans for years to come.

Completed works

The work had to be completed to the highest standards as it would be seen by millions who tuned into live television broadcasts.




We are extremely proud of the results and Colm Moran, Operations manager Thomond Park Stadium, gave us a wonderful testimonial and you can see from the project photos, the new matting and graphics look great.

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