rubber resin layers for golf course bunkers in Ireland
Browne Brothers offer a solution for a common problem that golf club greenkeepers encounter with dirty sand in bunkers.

Rubber layer surface for golf course bunkers

Over time the sand in golf course bunkers become dirty and discoloured as a result of rainfall and the accumulation of soil particles.

How does the bunker rubber layer work?

The rubber layer installed in sand bunkers increase the allows rainwater to easily drain away which prevents dirt accumulating on the sand surface.


“We have found it improves all round bunker drainage and keeps the sand playable all year round. It also helps prevent wash downs. I would highly recommend this product to any club thinking of doing a bunker renovation project. We had it installed on the Monday and the bunker was in play the next day”.  Dave Curren, Greenkeeper, Old Conna Golf Club Bray 


Get more information on this solution to bunker problems

Contact Browne Brothers site surfaces team today on (087) 6293916 for more information on rubber resin surfaces for your golf course.

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