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There are a number of factors that should be considered when designing a new playground. Issues from location, to costs, to the end users and safety must all be considered. The following considerations are some of the most common decisions that must be made when building a new playground.

playground construction

The Location

Choosing a location for a public playground is important for a number of reasons. If the playground is to be built for the benefit of a community, the location is important so that it will easily assessed to all. A location that is central to the community will benefit people the most from the new utility.

Deciding on the size of the playground

Deciding on the size of the site is an issue that must be dealt with in the planning phase. In built up urban areas there may be restrictions on the size of the site. In rural areas there may be less restrictions however environmental issues such as building near rivers or lakes must be looked at. whether or not to construct a car park on the site must also be addressed.

Accessibility and the intended end users

At the planning stage, who the intended users of the playground must be considered. For example, will the playground have equipment and apparatuses to accommodate small infants 3-5 years old, children 6-12, and/or Teenagers 13+, or will it be suitable for people of all ages. It is also important to design the playground for disabled access, so that the community as a whole can benefit from the new utility.

The equipment and surface installation

Choosing the playground equipment is an important factor at the planning stage. This stage includes choosing what playground apparatus will be installed and what surfaces will be installed. Choosing the most appropriate surface to install is important for child safety. Rubber wetpour and rubber tiles are common types of surfaces that are suitable for installation in playgrounds. Both types of surfaces are ideal for playgrounds because they are durable, attractive and designed specifically for safety and to minimise risk of injury.

playground equipment

Playground funding information

Funding is an issue for most community projects and this is no different for constructing a playground. From time to time grant schemes come available for community developments and in cases playground specific grants.

Choosing workmen for the construction

Choosing a site services company who have trained and qualified team members who specialise in Playground construction are ideal to complete the required task. Playground construction specialists will cater to the needs of the client and install the most appropriate materials.

Safety and Inspections

Before a playground can be opened to the public, it must be inspected by ROSPA. ROSPA is an independent body who carry out safety inspections for Local authorities and community groups. Such inspections will ensure that the new playground will meet the necessary safety standards.


Public playgrounds will experience general wear and tear over time and in some cases become damaged and/or vandalised. Playground maintenance is important in order to keep the utility safe for its users and keep its aesthetic appearance. General maintenance can extend the life of a playground and prevent costly equipment replacement.

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